one day @ NSU electronics Lab…

4 04 2007

I just got a video clip from Ahsan vai. I thought lets share it with u guys


The situation was like


Time: 3-4 semesters ago.

: NSU Electronics Lab

Background history: Normally I go for sleeping @ 6:00 am. As there was a lab class @ 8:00 am., I did not sleep that day. so… I slept in the lab class. and Ahsan vai didn’t miss to make a small documentary of that.


CLICK HERE to view it.


Longest beach tour !!!

1 04 2007

Just came from Cox’s Bazar (Longest beach of the world).

As usual the whole tour plan was preety unstable.

As there was a 100 KM walking from Teknaf to Cox’s bazar(, the whole Cox’s bazar was in action.

We 4 (hasib, manzil vai, saumen and myself) were in the team. Fayek, Milton and his friend joined with us. So, we were lucky 7…:)

Lets check some pic. of the tour.


Sunset (The beauty of nature)


Stage before the program

manzil vai

Manzil vai in action..:)

cricket bat

Me and Manzil vai infront of the biggest cricket bat.

sun in hand

Sun in my hand !!!



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