Longest beach tour !!!

1 04 2007

Just came from Cox’s Bazar (Longest beach of the world).

As usual the whole tour plan was preety unstable.

As there was a 100 KM walking from Teknaf to Cox’s bazar(www.longestbeachchallenge.com), the whole Cox’s bazar was in action.

We 4 (hasib, manzil vai, saumen and myself) were in the team. Fayek, Milton and his friend joined with us. So, we were lucky 7…:)

Lets check some pic. of the tour.


Sunset (The beauty of nature)


Stage before the program

manzil vai

Manzil vai in action..:)

cricket bat

Me and Manzil vai infront of the biggest cricket bat.

sun in hand

Sun in my hand !!!



for more pic. go to http://www.nsuers.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=2788&highlight=cox







2 responses

2 04 2007

Manzil vai’s attempt to swallow the sun was the best 😀

And the pic ( in the nusers link) of u with a huge pile of banana peels. ( Hmm, hey whats the animal that like bananas so much 😉 )

27 01 2008
Gemma Wiseman

This pic captures a beautiful moment!

Thak you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such an interesting comment!

Keep blogging!

Smiles and Light

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