one day @ NSU electronics Lab…

4 04 2007

I just got a video clip from Ahsan vai. I thought lets share it with u guys


The situation was like


Time: 3-4 semesters ago.

: NSU Electronics Lab

Background history: Normally I go for sleeping @ 6:00 am. As there was a lab class @ 8:00 am., I did not sleep that day. so… I slept in the lab class. and Ahsan vai didn’t miss to make a small documentary of that.


CLICK HERE to view it.


Longest beach tour !!!

1 04 2007

Just came from Cox’s Bazar (Longest beach of the world).

As usual the whole tour plan was preety unstable.

As there was a 100 KM walking from Teknaf to Cox’s bazar(, the whole Cox’s bazar was in action.

We 4 (hasib, manzil vai, saumen and myself) were in the team. Fayek, Milton and his friend joined with us. So, we were lucky 7…:)

Lets check some pic. of the tour.


Sunset (The beauty of nature)


Stage before the program

manzil vai

Manzil vai in action..:)

cricket bat

Me and Manzil vai infront of the biggest cricket bat.

sun in hand

Sun in my hand !!!



for more pic. go to





19 03 2007


Salute goes to Bangladesh Cricket team…


INDIA re haraiya pailam ki shukh, kuk-kuruk-kuk-kukh…


Victory celebration @ NSU CAMPUS

Flash Startup Page…

17 03 2007

I just gone through a Flash Startup Page portal. Check I already opened an account

The depth of flash action script and professional GUI are really damn impressive.



Lots of cool widgets, themes are there…



Well done development team…


6 03 2007

This Saint Martin tour was as usual a tour without preparation…

Actually I can’t remember any tour where my plan worked… 🙂 . I missed all those tour where i tried to plan the whole schedule…. So for me , no alternative without instant decided tour.

The best part in this tour was “GHURI UTHSHOB” which held from 10-17 February.

GHURI UTHSHOB” in Saint Martin was more than exciting I could even imagine… I have seen some crazy people with crazy ideas … End result some great innovation….

Well, I snapped some of those “colour of life” moment…


MEGH KONNA” the best ghuri according to my observation…


HAAATI” (elephant) GHURI




TIYA” (parrot) GHURI










We were four… Mishuk vai, Labib, Sushmita(Labib’s cousin) and me myself… Now lets introduce my team….


FROM RIGHT TO LEFT( Mishuk Vai, Sushmita, Labib , Saleh Vai( the magician who made 4 kites including “MEGH KONNA” , Mizan(Myself), others( Saint Martin heroes) (lots of 1st brackets !!!!!!!!)


Hope i can manage time to upload more stuffs soon….


At last I can remember one dialogs of the caretaker of “Sheemanto Pariye”( The resort where Charukola guys stayed for the GHURI UTSHOB).. “Vai…. I can afford to maintain 200 people without any prob… But it’s tough to maintain 60 Charukola guys… after all… all are SYSTEM-LOSS“…


Ya… possibly he is right… cause without SYSTEM-LOSS, they could not even imagine those crazy stuffs… Salute to those SYSTEM-LOSS people…..


MAC OS tiger

2 03 2007

It is like long time ago when i decided to have my own blog.
But never found any thing to write…
Today I got some thing to write…
It is not only something…
It is something special..
It’s all about a great OS. MAC OS named Tiger.
I went to Pageflakes ( office today and found new Apple PC which has Tiger MAC OS.
Me and My best friend Rumon tried to figure out some feature of that OS… after all those, I am really in love with Tiger MAC OS.
It gave me a totally strange feelings about Windows OS…
Trust me… Me , my self strongly belief one thing now… that is Windows is like a kid comparing to Tiger MAC OS in several factor… I will install Tiger MAC OS VMR with in tomorrow insa-allah…

One screen shot for you from web given below.

.mac OS

Ajax Scaffolding in RubyOnRails

2 03 2007

I spent a number of days on RoR(Ruby on Rails) couple of month ago. Actually Rails is a framework of Ruby. As a Language i didn’t like Ruby that much. but with the Rails framework and MVC concept,it is really great for RAD(Rapid Application Development).When I generated scaffold for form functionality,I tried to use ajax in it. If Ajax can be used in Scaffolding, it becomes just great. I got a great link during surfing about Ajax Scffolding..


I hope you would like it…:)